Thursday, May 24, 2012

Knocking 'em dead in Nashville: True Tales from Book Tour

The book tour for The Inquisitor's Key - which led Jefferson Bass from Tennessee to Arizona, then from Georgia to Alabama and back to Tennessee and then Florida - has come to an end. 5500 miles in less than two weeks! And it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without all the kind and hospitable and hilarious folks who came out to the book-tour events. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A couple years ago, as I was preparing to head out on book tour with Dr. Bill Bass, I got an unusual heads-up from a bookstore in Nashville: A guy I’d written about in a prior, non-fiction book was planning to show up at our Nashville book signing. The guy’s name was Sam John Passarrella, and the book chapter I’d written about him – “Fat Sam and Cadillac Joe” – recounted the abduction and killing of a fast-talking, Cadillac-driving con man who’d sold Sam a stash of stolen silver bullion...

Read the whole story of what happened during that book-tour appearance over at Author Magazine. If you had the opportunity to come out to a Jefferson Bass event this year, please leave a comment below if you'd like to share your experience. Who knows, perhaps you will find yourself in a future true tale from book tour. 


  1. We were lucky enough to get to sit by the mother of Jon Jefferson and to meet his sisters. I bet family dinners are a hoot at his house. I really enjoyed talking to her and hearing a little about Jon. Jon your mother is so proud of you. Thank you for a wonderful evening at Huntsville Library. We have been to every one of the events when Jon Jefferson and Dr. William Bass have been envolved. Thanks for the awesome books and keep on writing.

  2. At supper the other night I overheard two men at a nearby table talking about their summer reading. "I just finished my fourth Bones book," said one, and the other chimed in, "I’m about to start the new one about a key." So even up here in the Maine woods, "The Inquisitor's Key" is a hot topic of conversation!