Friday, March 23, 2012

High-Noon Showdown -- Win a signed copy of "The Bone Yard"

Howdy! I reckon you've come to join the high-noon showdown. The way I see it, the more the merrier when it comes to gunslingin'. Now before you get to scratchin' your itchy trigger finger, take a seat and hear me out. But -- for the love of Pete -- don't sit on that cactus.
     In anticipation of the March 27, 2012 paperback release of The Bone Yard,  Mr. Bones is giving away signed copies of the novel. To make this fun instead of dangerous, I'm suggesting that we all set aside our six-shooters and draw from a different sort of holster, the holster of memory.
     The rules of the showdown are simple. This is your chance to become the storyteller at the side of our virtual campfire. What do I mean? In the COMMENTS section of this blog entry, I want you to let loose and draw from your holster of memory. Tell us a story.

Monday, March 19, 2012

"The Bone Yard" Book Giveaway

Mr. Bones has agreed to host a few book-giveaway contests here on the blog in March and April. We'll be giving away copies of The Inquisitor's Key in the coming weeks, so check back as often as humanly possible without becoming completely obsessed...

Today, however, in anticipation of the paperback release of The Bone Yard on March 27, 2012, Mr. Bones will give away his beloved copy of the novel to one aspiring sleuth! I promise you one thing -- it's not going to be easy to win. In fact, it might become downright dangerous. So-- do you think you have what it takes to win this literary treasure hunt?


                                              Rules of Participation:

1. LIKE Jefferson Bass on Facebook if you haven't already.

2. SHARE Jefferson Bass on your Facebook Wall for your friends to see. To SHARE Jefferson Bass, copy and paste this link into your next status update: 
         *Include a variation of this message: Please LIKE this page so I can win The Bone Yard! 

3. Read the following excerpt from The Bone Yard. Answer the questions that follow, then send your answers and your name as it appears on Facebook to

4. Then post a comment -- anything you want -- on this blog entry so we have a tally of contestants.

Pretty simple, right? Thanks for playing along, and good luck! The randomly selected winner(s?) will be announced tomorrow!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Get Your Popcorn & Tell Your Friends: Time to watch the video trailer! (And participate in the reader poll below. Please comment/vote!)

I’d planned to write this time about one of the new book’s medieval characters: Petrarch, a 14th-century chaplain, poet, historian, and philosopher (a true Renaissance Man – a century before there WAS a Renaissance!) But Petrarch’ll have to wait, because I’m pre-empting him to roll out the new video trailer for the book. Two trailers, actually: one for The Inquisitor’s Key, and one for The Bones of Avignon, the U.K. edition. (As with the books, so with the trailers: the only difference is the title & release date. But hey, watch ‘em both!)