Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Giveaway: "The Inquisitor's Key"

As Inspector René Descartes would say, “Bonjour, mes amis!” … I’m not exactly certain what he’d say next—it’s been too long since the glory days of researching The Inquisitor’s Key in Avignon! & even longer since high school French with Mademoiselle LaFlamme (oh la la, those mini-jupes she wore). But I digress … I always digress …

Lemme guess: You’re not here solely to admire my stunning good looks in the photo on the left. You’re also here for the giveaway contest! Good timing. In anticipation of the May 8, 2012 release of The Inquisitor’s Key, I’m sponsoring a giveaway of the new novel to reward each and every one of you who downloaded and read the e-story prequel entitled Madonna and Corpse. We hope you had as much fun reading it as I did—well, honestly—when I pressed SAVE for the last time, then stood up feeling accomplished and went to get a cold beer from the fridge. (Sure, I said it: I, Mr. Bones, actually write all the novels, not Jon and Bill! They just sat back and drank all the beer in my fridge, apparently. Just as well...I don’t have the stomach for alcohol these days. Seems to go right through me…)

Now wait a minute. I sense that some of you are thinking, “I haven’t downloaded and read Madonna and Corpse, but I want to win The Inquisitor’s Key!” Wait a doggone minute. If you have not already downloaded and read Madonna and Corpse, do NOT go bananas. I’ve come up with a two-step plan to remedy this situation and thus save yourself from a complete breakdown.
  1. Click the following link to download Madonna and Corpse (99 cents – how can you lose?!?) from the e-retailer of your choice.
  2. Start reading!

Pretty simple, right?
(If you don't own an e-reader, once again do NOT go bananas. You can download this free Kindle app for your PC & read Madonna and Corpse right on your home computer!)

Below you’ll find the questions for this literary treasure hunt. Read Madonna and Corpse, find the correct answers, then email your answers to We’ll choose the winners on May 7, 2012.

But wait! You can also score extra points! These points will be factored in when we choose the winners. Wanna know how to score?

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  3. Write a review of Madonna and Corpse (And any other Body Farm novel):
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    5. NOTE: You can copy & paste the same review into as many places as you want -- Double, triple, or quadruple your extra points!
  4. Leave a comment on the guest blogs we’re posting on our Blog Tour 2012! For instance, this one from today. Go to the actual blog itself and post a comment! If you really want to get crafty and comment on every blog from the first to last, here's the blog tour schedule.

The Questions

  1. What did the thief/thieves steal? 
  2. What couple does Descartes describe as possessing “movie-star good looks”? 
  3. How long ago was it that Dubois “bought the farm”? 
  4. Rumor has it that Kensington’s net profit from the sale of the three unsigned Caravaggio studies was how much? 
  5. Who is Jack Woods? 
  6. What sort of new case will Descartes soon be working on? 
  7. Are you excited about The Inquisitor’s Key!?!

Thanks for playing along. We'll choose the winners on May 7, 2012. Good luck & Happy Reading!


  1. Jon, Jon, Jon..... And to think I gave up my seat in the helicopter for you in Johnson City.... But that is okay, because you mentioned it and thanked me for the ride in words when you signed my book 2 years back. I would love to have the free copy, but the wife and son pre-ordered the release for my birthday since it is on May 8Th also. But not only did I order the American release, I also ordered the English release as well. So I will have BOTH books for you and Dr. Bass to sign if you guys make it back to the Johnson City/Kingsport area... and I am not out of town like last time. Well, I guess that means I have 3 books for you now... since I just remembered I was out of town when you came for the signing of The Boneyard.

    Thanks guys,

    Allan Blevins

    1. Thanks for your multi-national loyalty, Allan. When we establish our Global Media Empire, you will be part of the Inner Circle!

  2. I really loved reading "Madonna and Corpse" and this contest is a great way to show some love to your devoted followers! I would like to know if our review of the novels count toward the contest requirement if we post our review on alternative website. I did try to post on Amazon, but it stated that I would have had to purchace the publication with them. However, I purchased my copy through and so I posted on that site. Let us know if we can do this or not, either way, I love your work and I am a forever fan!

    1. Have no fear, KaYe - Mr. Bones knows that your heart is pure and your contest-entering efforts are sincere!

    2. Yay! Thank you and Mr.Bones for the reassurance!

  3. Well, I got as far as purchasing, but then you added all these questions and I've got other books waiting for review deadlines! What to do, what to do...LOL... Well, I can always buy it later...or if you'd like a review from one who considers "you" both as favorite authors...just let me know...Enjoyed your visit to "Putting Words Down" Blog! And that's the place that got me the link for the download...then I started checking. Already your Facebook Page! So guess I'd better just say, best wishes on your giveaway and invite you to consider joining Reviewers Roundup on Facebook, where over 2300 authors, reviewers, and other publishing professionals share and exchange services! We'd love to have Celebrity authors visit sometime! Best, Glenda

  4. Love every book written by JeffersonBass so far and cannot wait for this next one. Keep writing please! I look forward to the next one too.

  5. BTW - Would love to see Mr. Bones appear in the covers of future books... or at least in the back inset. He needs coverage too... LOL.

    1. MrsEllis, I agree, I would love to see Mr. Bones featured in the future books as well. Even have his own little adventure maybe! That would be awesome! After all, he does have his own following!

    2. Hmm -- is Mr. Bones stealing our thunder? Perhaps it's time for him to meet a bad end. Oh, wait -- he's already dead!

  6. Your writing has captivated me... my husband gave me the first book to read, from there I was hooked and now I have read them all to date!! He has a lot of catching up to do, but loves that he is the reason I got into reading this series!! I love the twists and turns along with the details that are given! I used to work for the Medical Examiner here in Warner Robins, GA so to read some of the details and know that someone else knows what I had to work with and do... its a relief. Its not like I can talk to just anyone about those days working with the dead. Now, Im at the Sheriff's Office so it all still peaks my interest! Thank you for your work guys!! Hope to see yall soon!

  7. You have had me from the very first book and I have read them in succesion since the first. My big question is Dr. Bass still with us or is the news of his passing just a rumor? If I were a young person again and knew about anthropology I would have loved to have studied with him.

  8. HOW could you write a novel treating the Shroud of Turin as if it might really be a relic of the body of Jesus? It has been known for a long time that the Shroud was probably created in the 14th century, as a prompt to prayer and veneration.

    Ii have read and enjoyed other Body Farm books, but this one makes Dr. B and the other characters seem impossibly, embarrassingly naive. I'm halfway through The Inquisitor's Key, and I can't go further; it's all just too unbelievable.

    I made a page of excerpts, sort of a digest, of an academic article that explains how scholars arrived at the 14th century date. I'd send it to you if I knew how, but I'm having trouble even getting this comment posted.


    1. You gave up too soon! Sorry you're appalled, but the book actually ends up offering a very rational and plausible explanation for the creation of the Shroud, during the 14th century - one that also posits a solution to the disappearance of prominent theologian Meister Eckhart, who vanished after traveling to Avignon to answer charges of heresy. We have many readers who believe in the authenticity of the Shroad; my goal was to acknowledge, in a respectful way, their belief and then - gradually - present a scientific explanation for what seems inexplicable.